Building in boris kidric 34 – tetovo

The living rooms

A living room with a balcony. We do things right, we think of details and how a person would feel better, a living room with or without a balcony. A modern look with laminated floors and a ceiling with profiles for you to place your led’s for a better room ambience.

Sleeping rooms

Not all room apartments look the same but this is what we used mostly while constructing. We consider this an average sleeping room with windows and a perfect view of the city.

The balcony

Boris Kidric Bllok 34

the elevators

Boris Kidric Bllok 34

the inside

Boris Kidric Bllok 34

the facilities

Boris Kidric Bllok 34

How we do things

As a construction and investing company, we know that insulation is probably the most important part of a home or an apartment. We take insulation very seriously and we use top-rated Europian products such as glasswool and other necessities to insulate a building before cementing it.


This is how the building looks from the outside. All the balconies have a perfect view of the city while being in their own privacy at the same time.