Residential-business complex of str. „Boris Kidrich“ – Тетово

In the most urban part of the city center of Tetovo, a residential and business complex is built according to the highest standards.

Availability and complete infrastructure were one of the main reasons to invest and build right here at Str. “Boris Kidrich”.

The residential and business complex currently under construction is a complex with a total of 56 apartments and 6 business premises (stores) with the following construction characteristics:

 -Parking space:

Two levels of underground parking -1 and -2.

-Construction Quantity:

Ground floor + 7 floors + Attic.

-Construction materials:

Building exclusively from the brick. Concrete examined by the “Civil Engineering Institute”. Excellent internal and external insulation between the apartments.

-Demit facade

-5 compartments PVC windows

-Quality elevator with capacity for 8 persons

-Blindor returns:

For each apartment separately as for the main entrance to the building.

-Quality under:

Parquet in the rooms. Quality ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.

-Fully equipped bathroom:

Sanitation: WC shell, sink, shower cubicle.


Built-in installation for individual central heating of electricity, gas, wood and briquettes, depending on the wishes and needs of each tenant.

-Rolled shutters in each apartment