Residential-business complex of str „Dervish Cara“ – Tetova

In the most urban part of the city center, a business and residential complex is built with the highest contemporary standards.

With a location near the former “Pastermka”, we invested in a residential-business complex, which with its architectural and constructive solutions will ideally fit into the modern trends of construction.

This residential and business complex will have a total of 24 apartments and 2 business premises (stores) with the following construction features:

– Construction materials

Builded exclusively with bricks. Concrete examined by the “Civil Engineering Institute”. Excellent internal and external insulation between the apartments.

– Demit facade

– 5 compartments PVC windows

– Quality elevators

– Blindor doors

For each apartment separately, as well as for the main entrance to the building.

– Quality floor

Parquet in the rooms. Quality ceramic tiles in bathrooms, kitchens and corridors.

– Fully equipped bathroom

Sanitation: WC shell, sink, shower cabin.

– Heating

Built-in installation for individual central heating of electricity, gas, wood and briquettes, depending on the wishes and needs of each tenant.

– Installed shutters in each apartment