Regional Center Kisela Voda

Only 3.5 km away from the central part of the city, there is a residential-business building that we have built in the Reason Center Kisela Voda.

We are on the eastern sunny side of Vodno, with extraordinary roses of winds and gaze, Skopje on the palm.

You wonder why we invested in this location?

According to our, and also according to European standards, good location implies:

– good infrastructure;

– good orientation;

– good ventilation of the site;

– good look.

In our case, we have three main directions:

– Boulevard “Serbia”

– Street “Sava Kovacevic” with new name “Hristo Tatarchev” and

– Street “Ognen Prica”, which runs the traffic on three regular bus lines with numbers, 24, 13 and 58.

Description of the residential-business object

The residential and business building that we have built in the Reonski Centar Kisela Voda is a complex of a total of 130 apartments and 12 business premises.

Characteristics of construction

– The building’s capacity is 3 + 1 (high attic);

– The concrete with which this residential-business building was built, has been examined by the “Civil Engineering Institute”;

– The building is exclusively from the brick;

– Demet facade;

– 5 compartments PVC windows;

– Elevator from 2 underground levels

– Two levels of underground parking;

– Blindor outer door.

– Floor made of parquet and ceramic tiles in the kitchen and hallway

Fully equipped bathroom (VF shell, sink, shower or bathtub, dry cleaning registry, sanitary facilities.

Heating: Individual heating, each boiler has a boiler installed and the tenants regulate it if necessary

Cooling: Every apartment has a built-in air conditioner.

If we agree with this, then this location is a great choice for your future dwelling, far from the city’s hustle and bustle.

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